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Lamentations is riveting, climactic, and pulls at the readers emotions. These kinds of texts usually receive acclamation due to their compelling nature; however, what makes this text different? Why has the book of Lamentations largely become silent in our pulpits, other than the redeeming scriptures of Lam 3:22–24? Is it because the biography written is more than a strand of words artistically woven together, but a chilling tale that mirrors our own sin, insecurities, and grief? 

Giving a voice to silence will invite people to experience the breadth of God’s love, as they are: broken, bruised, wounded, grieving—human. 

Lamentations: Hushed to Silence surveys the historical and modern relevance of this incredible Old Testament book. This published work also dives into the genre of lament, the power of the Judaic covenant, the question of theodicy, the diaspora and antisemitism throughout the generations, and the language of grief. 

Lamentations has been hushed to silence for far too long! It is time to give a voice to grief.

If you are interested in learning about the book of Lamentations, lament literature, and desire to expand your knowledge on how to foster an environment that promotes authenticity and love—this eBook of my Master’s Thesis would be beneficial to your study regimen.

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