What’s Your Story?

Hi there — I’m Angela.

I’m a Christian lifestyle blogger, a passionate educator and speaker, and my life’s mission is to share the love of God through the written and spoken word.

This blog encapsulates the unplanned moments that bombard our lives—chapter’s that are unwelcomed to our story. And, it also surveys the celebratory memories—chapter’s that we willfully embrace and reminisce.  

There are some pages I have ripped out of my story and threw away, only to learn years later that every part of my life’s chapter is important—and so is yours!

Your story matters!

Please don’t feel like you have to hide the pages of your life because of shame, regret, and fear. And you should never feel pressured to conceal your achievements either.

Someone in the world — right now — needs to hear what you have to say! I hope that my blog and devotions will encourage you to pursue greater things, share your story, and help others to persevere through life’s plot twists.  

So, weather we are celebrating together or encouraging one another, I hope you read along with me on Chapters That Change Stories because I want to know your story, too. 

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